About us

EXP Engineering International is comprised of EXPerienced Managers and Professionals who are focused on excellence in EXPediting quality work for clients.  In January 2013, EXP begins offering clients the EXPertise our team has built over the last 30+ years in the industry.

Reputations you know, Services you EXPect!

Felipe Gonzalez, Scott Behringer, and Frank Newsom were instrumental in the operations and growth of an international engineering company which became one of the leading global consultant companies.  With EXP, their combined EXPerience offers Offshore and Onshore oil and gas engineering, project and construction management services.

Felipe Gonzalez is President of EXP and has over 35 years experience as an Engineer and Manager.  He has experience building successful teams and Companies in the industry.  Felipe’s experience includes domestic and international management of employees and operations.  Over the years, he has managed Companies through growth, mergers and acquisitions.  While integrating several Companies, his management style created positive working environments and reduced turnover to less than 1% per year.  Felipe has a reputation among clients, peers and employees as a man of honesty, integrity and knowledge.  He understands that customer service is the most important requirement for a successful business and his employees are his most important resource.  There is no question that Felipe Gonzalez has proven his ability to grow a successful, productive Company that focuses on Client satisfaction and fulfills employee expectations.

Scott Behringer serves as Vice-President of Process Facilities.  Scott brings over 33 years of engineering and management in both domestic and international projects to EXP.  His solid team leadership is built upon excellent customer relation and communication skills.  From concept development through start-up and operations, he is skilled at providing engineering and management support.  His diverse background includes onshore, inland waters, shallow water and deepwater projects.  He also has experience in both fixed and floating facilities.  In his early career, Scott spent 17 years in the construction and fabrication industry.  This experience has allowed him to bring constructability and practicality to the design.  He has expertise in the design of oil and gas process equipment and piping and is well versed in ASME, ANSI and API codes as they relate to pressure vessels, process equipment and facilities.  His past training includes Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement and Work Site Safety processes, as well as all facets of project controls.

Frank Newsom has over 37 years of experience in engineering and design of projects for the petroleum and petrochemical industries.  He specializes in onshore and offshore pipelines and related facilities, steel structures, subsea skids, production systems and facilities.  As a Project Director, Frank has managed several divisions and groups overseeing personnel, technical quality, proposals, client relations and business development, as well as the financial responsibilities for his groups.  Frank’s experience includes FEED studies, project specifications, drawings, cost  estimates, material takeoffs, scheduling, and design criteria.  Field supervision and management for installation and inspection of fabrication have been included in the onshore and offshore projects.  Supervision and analyses of 3-D structural computer programs, detailed design calculations, drafting and design are a few of the many skills that make Frank so valuable to EXP.